How do I go about…

Getting a quote?

We normally suggest that clients send us a basic drawing with approximate sizes required and the number of cut outs for plugs and taps.

We will then do a provisional quote based on these sizes. If the client accepts, he pays a 50% deposit and we will take final measurements on site.

This is the most popular option as clients then get a very good idea of the costs involved and whether it suits their budget.

As this is the finishing product, measuring can only be done after the area e.g. kitchen/bathroom has been completed. Also all counters need to be fitted before measuring and the extractor and plugs needs to have been fitted and removed, so that all the relevant holes are exposed for measuring.

A lead time of about 3 weeks is required for the manufacturing process.

We contact you for the confirmation of the colour you want on the glass

We contact you to confirm date and time for installation

What is the guarantee on the paint?

We give you a 10 year guarantee on the application of the paint

What is the colour range?

We can virtually match any colour to a within a 95% match. Caution should be taken when choosing a lighter colour as it is affected by the natural greenness of glass, (called Clear-Vue) which occurs of the iron content. When a true colour is required, then a low-iron glass like Opti-White should be used.

Is the glass toughened?

All our products are toughened. This leaves the glass resistant to heat; which means it can with safety be used behind a cooking hob.