Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – 6 Benefits

Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town


Does your bathroom look decidedly dull?

Do you long for a modern look, streamline bathroom, but without undertaking a full renovation?

If that sounds familiar, then you have found the right page.

frameless glass showers cape town

Today’s modern world uses attractive glass in home furniture and it gives a elegant and refined finish.

In fact, it is rare to see a home that does not have a glass panel in it!

There’s so much modern technology in home development too and much of it uses glass.

High quality glass panels and screens definitely improve the look of a home.

You can also add a modern look with ease just by including frameless glass shower screens.

Not only are they exceptionally attractive, they also add value to your home.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Appearance

Smart frameless shower screens offer far more elegance in bathroom design and plenty of visual appeal.

Moreover, frameless glass shower screens increase the value of your home.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Durability

A glass shower screen often lasts a lifetime.

Glass panels are made with precision and are created to be durable, long-lasting and used on a daily basis.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Customisable

Some shower enclosures usually come in single size and design only.

However, if you go with custom glass shower, you will have the chance to create a custom solution.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Easy to Clean

One of the great benefits of glass shower screens is they are far easier to clean than old framed styles.

Moreover, clear glass doesn’t stain.

Wiping with a glass cleaner and cloth is sufficient.

Frameless glass shower screens are easy to clean, because you can access the whole pane.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Low Maintenance

Frameless glass shower screens do not require many maintenance other than to remove soap residue.


Frameless Glass Showers Cape Town – Natural Lightning

You may be one of the homeowners who prefer natural light in the bathroom.

Natural lighting is definitely the best light for personal grooming and having a glass shower doesn’t inhibit any light.


The benefits mentioned are just few when choosing to install frameless glass shower screens.


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